The Difference Between Soft Washing and Power Washing

Power Washing

When you reach out to us for pressure washing in Austin, TX, you have a choice between soft washing and power washing. We use both techniques to give you the best results, and we recommend these options for different areas around your property. Our pressure washing company also provides consultations as you consider how to handle your home, business, or a property you plan to purchase.

What Is Soft Washing?

You may feel that power washing is the only thing that will do a great job because high-pressure water can clean anything. You are correct, but our pressure washing services are not safe to use on every surface. As we clean your home or property, soft washing helps remove mold, algae, dirt, and mildew. We turn down the pressure so that we can use assorted cleaning products.

Soft washing works well on concrete that is three years old or less. We soft wash your roof to prevent shingle damage, and we use the same technique on your deck, porch, and stoop. Soft washing is also effective on pavers, stepping stones, and sidewalks.

Feel free to show us the problem areas that require powerful cleansers, and we will turn down the pressure as much as possible to let the products do their work.

How Does Pressure Washing Differ From Soft Washing?

Pressure washing uses water under extreme pressure. Pressurized water can clean anything, but the service requires a special touch to avoid damage. Our team is extremely professional when working around your home, and we can explain when pressure washing is needed.

All concrete surfaces over three years old can endure a hefty pressure wash. High-pressure water can strip paint from any surface, and that is why we do not use high water pressure on your home unless you are planning on a new paint job. We can also prepare your deck or porch for staining.

We highly recommend a professional pressure washing service before upgrading or painting/staining your home because painting companies do not do this work every day. If your home has siding, we can pressure wash to remove all excess paint while being careful not to exacerbate existing damage to your siding or wood. We alert you to any issues we run across so that you can ensure the house is ready for painting or hire a carpenter to repair the damage if needed.

Reach Out for an Estimate

When you speak to our team at Activate Pressure Washing, we can schedule a free estimate. We will point out any issues we find during the appointment, and we recommend the appropriate type of pressure wash for the property.

Our customer service team is available at 512-696-5770, or you can email Founded by a firefighter, we have several years of experience in the Austin area, carry insurance for your protection, and clean everything from homes to large buildings, drive-thrus, windows, and patios. We can also remove gum from furniture and clean industrial facilities.

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