About Us

Our Approach

At Activate Pressure Washing our slogan is simple; Get It Right. It was said and decided on in the first meeting the owners had, when they decided to be in business together. It’s posted on the walls in our office and it’s the first thing taught to each and every employee that walks through our front door. “Get It Right” means that every phone call is answered, 24/7.  It means that we show up on time to every appointment. It means listening to our customers’ needs, shooting you straight, and offering the highest quality services specifically designed to meet your needs. “Get It Right” means that we always strive to provide the highest quality product while using cleaning solutions safe for your home and the environment. It means we won’t leave until your happy and that we’ll happily stick with you for the long run. Getting it right by giving back to our loyal employees and communities. Simply put, we “Get It Right” because anything short, doesn’t cut it.

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