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Welcome to Activate Pressure Washing — where we specialize in services that elevate your building’s appeal and preserve its integrity. We have earned a reputation for excellence and solidified our position as a top pick for building washing services in Austin, TX.  

Over time, accumulated dirt, dust, urban pollution, mold, and other contaminants can degrade building materials and dull the charm of your building. Reach out for more information on how we can help you restore your building to its former glory.  

Building Cleaning

Why Choose Activate Pressure Washing for Your Building?

Anyone can rent or buy a pressure washer and offer house washing services, but the Austin, Texas community entrusts us to clean their buildings because of our:   


We’ve pressure washed and power washed many buildings since 2014. We can clean just about any surface without damage.

High-quality equipment

We use advanced pressure washing technology to guarantee thorough and consistent results that exceed client expectations.

Environmentally friendly cleaning methods

Our eco-friendly cleaning techniques and solutions work effectively against grime but go easy on the environment.

Our Building Washing Process

Through years of training and experience, we’ve perfected our soft wash systems for cleaning buildings. Our systems produce exceptional results on materials ranging from vinyl and brick to stone and aluminum. Trust us for thorough and efficient building washing services in Austin.  

Besides using high-quality cleaning solutions, we use adjustable machines that allow us to calibrate pressure settings for a thorough cleaning without damaging the material.   

We go to great lengths to pay attention to every detail, including using proper water pressure and volume and controlling the flow top size for each aspect of the job. We also adhere to industry safety standards and keep up with the most recent developments to ensure safety.  

Commercial and Residential Building Washing

As an experienced provider of building washing services in and around Austin, we offer our services to residential and commercial clients.  

While both commercial and residential building washing have the same goal (to ensure a clean and healthy environment), we often adjust cleaning methods and timing to account for differences in scale.   

Count on us to arrive on time and work with your schedule, minimizing downtime and saving your time and money. Each project starts with a pre-inspection to ensure we approach the job correctly.  

Sustainable and Safe Cleaning Solutions

Traditional cleaning agents often contain harsh chemicals that pollute the air and contaminate natural water bodies. They also pose health risks to pressure washing technicians and building occupants.   

At Activate Pressure Washing, we use eco-friendly and safe cleaning solutions with minimal environmental impact. Our entire team stays committed to environmental responsibility and the safety of our clients’ properties.  

Building Washing

Contact Us for a Cleaner Building in Austin

Are you ready to restore your building? Don’t hire just anyone who claims to offer pressure washing services. Call  Activate Pressure Washing at (512) 696-5770 to get a free quote for top-tier building washing services in Austin, Texas.  

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