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If you think about it, your parking lot is the first thing that people see when visiting, patronizing, or shopping at your business. Parking lots can take a beating from the Texas heat, heavy traffic, and various chemicals such as oil, grease, grime, paint, and gum. If visitors, employees, or patrons use your parking lot, it is especially important to have it cleaned to provide a safe and clean environment for all, encouraging future visits and instilling a sense of pride.

Parking Cleaning

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to pressure washing services, make sure that you hire an industry expert with an exemplary reputation in the Central and South Texas region. This sums up the service provision that Activate Pressure Washing offers their customers. They utilize water heated to a precise temperature with pre-treating methods that help to remove parking lot stains that have been visible forever. Got walls along your lot, pedestrian walkways, or driving lanes? Activate Pressure Washing has that covered too, restoring your parking lot to a condition that your customers will notice and appreciate.

To make things even easier, Activate Pressure Washing offers a maintenance plan so that you can always have your property looking clean. The services provided by Activate Pressure Washing are assured of being satisfied.

Reasons to Have Your Parking Lot Cleaned?


Don’t set yourself up to litigation and complaints with an unsafe parking lot. Grease and grime can cause surfaces to be slick; prevent potential injuries with regular pressure washing and cleaning. You certainly don’t want your loyal customer taking a nasty fall leaving you and your company liable for future expenses. Have the parking lot pressure washed; your clientele deserves it.

Curb appeal

Curb appeal is important for all businesses and often sets you apart from competitors. You surely don’t want visitors or prospective consumers to pass you by due to a poorly maintained or shoddy curb appeal. Keep a clean parking lot so that your customers feel taken care of and secure when visiting your premises.

Ease of Maintenance

Regularly cleaning your parking lots makes it easier to maintain and retain the value of your commercial property. The longer you wait to tackle and clean the parking lot, the harder it will be to remove stains and stubborn spots. This may impact and even lower the overall value of your property. Prevent losing your investment with regularly scheduled pressure washing for your parking lots- and all the surfaces around your business.

Get Your Parking Lot Cleaned Today!

Make your parking lot more inviting and safer, as well as attract more customers with pressure washing services from Activate Pressure Washing. We offer and provide free estimates and quotes to customers for all their pressure washing needs in Austin Texas. Call for your free quote and get top-notch power washing services in Austin Texas.

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