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Got a drive-thru? This is likely one of your most heavily trafficked areas of your establishment, yet often it is the most overlooked. It is not uncommon for your drive-thru to become a hub of grease, grime, oil, and gum that leaves it looking shoddy and ill-maintained. After all, who wants to eat food or enjoy items that come through a dirty drive-thru? Don’t assume that customers don’t notice the drive-thru from their vehicles; they most definitely do.

Activate Pressure Washing are experts in drive-thru cleaning and will get rid of the toughest stains and grease in a safe and effective manner. Your customers and patrons will take notice of your efforts- and may visit more often!

Restore and protect your property with a professional such as Activate Pressure Washing to save time and resources. Leave your site supervisors and managers to focus on the important tasks at your workplace: your employees and customers. Reaffirm your reputation in the community with a clean and pristine commercial building.

Restaurant And Drive Thru Cleaning

Why is Drive-Thru Cleaning Necessary?

There is a lot more to cleaning your drive-thru than mere curb appeal; you also need to meet the state’s health code requirements and a dirty drive-thru can have lasting legal ramifications. Just as you must meet cleanliness standards inside your establishment, you must also keep the outside clean and sanitary. Oil, dirt, and grease can be tracked back inside by employees and visitors if your drive-thru is not professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

An unsightly drive-thru may deter customers which can affect your revenues and loyal consumer base. Prevent health and safety concerns as well as possible slips, falls, and injuries due to a greasy, grimy drive-thru area at your business.

Why Choose Us?

Of all the pressure washing professionals in Texas, why choose us? Activate Pressure Washing uses a hot water system to eliminate tough oils, stains, and liquids from your drive-thru quickly and effectively. We work all hours of the day to ensure that your business is not interrupted, and that your customers are not inconvenienced at all. Leave your drive-thru cleaning to us and know that your drive-thru will always be aesthetically more-appealing and consumer safe.

Get Your Drive-Thru Cleaned Today!

Got tough spots and stains in your drive-thru? This could be impacting your company’s bottom line; a dirty drive thru may send prospective patrons packing. Let Activate Pressure Washing remove the tough stains that plague your drive-thru, or other surfaces throughout your establishment and property, so that your business looks renewed and attracts more customers. Activate Pressure Washing offers free estimates and quotes to customers in Austin, TX for both commercial and residential pressure washing in the region. Call today for a reliable pressure washing in Austin.

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