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When you look at your roof, do you see that once-vibrant structure now covered in dirt, grime, or unsightly streaks? Activate Pressure Washing could restore the sparkle your roof used to know as the premier provider of roof cleaning in Austin, TX! 

Our crew goes beyond just delivering a roof refresh that boosts your property’s visual appeal—we care about your roof’s longevity. Our specialists rely on soft washing, an innovative technique that thoroughly eliminates surface contaminants without causing your roof any damage. You don’t have to worry about us using intense pressure on your delicate roofing materials or heavy equipment falling right through it! 

Roof Cleaning Austin TX

Types of Roofs We Clean

For every project, Activate Pressure Washing’s experienced team takes the time to assess your property’s specific needs and tailor our process accordingly. Different roofing materials have unique maintenance requirements, so a one-size-fits-all approach only leads to lackluster results.  

Some of the roofs our proficient technicians can handle include the following: 


Aluminum, steel, corrugated iron, and other forms of metal roofing are fairly resilient. However, intense pressure can dent the structure and weaken the outermost coating. That’s why we use a gentle touch, allowing safe detergents to do the heavy lifting.


Many Austin homes sport roofs of asphalt, known for its durability and timeless aesthetic. However, since asphalt roofs are susceptible to algae and moss, our team typically applies biodegradable cleaners that kill these organisms at the root. 


Porous clay, slate, or concrete tile roofs also make them prone to organic growth, especially in Austin’s humid climate. With swift algae and moss removal solutions, our cleaning eradicates this growth before it can leave lasting stains or do any further damage. 


Wooden roofs have an undeniably unique and rustic charm to them. However, wood shakes tend to warp when exposed to certain cleaning chemicals. That’s why our experts work carefully and choose just the right soft-washing solutions to ensure a pristine and structurally sound surface by the time our roof cleaning concludes. 

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roof cleaning south congress tx

Is it Worth it To Get Your Roof Cleaned?

Yes! It’s never worth ignoring dark streaks, discolored patches, or mold growth on your roof or other surfaces. Contaminants accelerate wear and tear and decrease your structure’s lifespan. Dirty roofs are also more likely to leak, rot, or require costly and disruptive replacements. 

Why waste thousands on an early roof replacement or unnecessary repairs when preventative upkeep could save you the trouble? With our trustworthy crew, you can rest easy knowing we’ll nip these potential problems in the bud. 

Benefits of Roof Cleaning

Many of your neighbors have already made us their go-to choice for roof cleaning in Austin, TX. Staying on top of maintenance and stain removal this way brings many worthwhile advantages, including the following: 

Curb Appeal

Never downplay the impact of roofing on the overall appeal of your property. It’s always visible, so your roof can either elevate its surroundings or drag them down.  

Energy Efficiency

A thick layer of dirt and grime on the roof is unsightly. However, it also soaks up more heat than you might realize. A clean surface reflects sunlight better, keeps your indoors cooler, and reduces the need for power-guzzling climate control systems. With our expert cleaning, your roof turns into a cost-saving asset. 

A Safer Space

The potential health risks that come with a neglected roof include the presence of mold spores, dust, pollen, and other allergens, which may make their way into your indoor spaces, as well. Allergic reactions and respiratory issues won’t be a problem once we strip away these hazards on your Austin roof and other exterior surfaces. 

Extended Roof Longevity

Your property maintenance budget will take a hit with emergency roofing work, so a little investment in regular cleaning can go a long way toward your disposable income for other home improvements or priorities. 

Why Choose Us for Your Roof Cleaning Needs in Austin, TX?

Since our inception nine years ago, Activate Pressure Washing has swiftly become a household name in the Austin area and across the Lone Star State. Here’s what sets our roof cleaning professionals apart: 

Extensive Experience 

Our experience isn’t just in years — it’s in the thousands of Texas roofs we’ve restored to their former glory. This extensive involvement in local projects has allowed us ample opportunity to hone our skills, whether that’s a debris removal challenge or deeply embedded stains in your property’s high-traffic areas. No matter the extent of the grime or the type of roofing material you have, we’ve seen it, and we’ve cleaned it before!


We know that life can get busy, so we’ve made our roof cleaning in Austin, TX, as streamlined as possible. Scheduling a session with us is simple and quick, so why wait? Plus, our approach to roof cleaning is just as simple: we do all the hard work so that you don’t have to lift a finger to enjoy the results! 

Eco-Friendly Practices

Our commitment to Mother Nature is also evident, as we choose to tread lightly. We incorporate eco-friendly practices and materials into our routines, consistently opting for biodegradable detergents and water conservation whenever possible. Depending on the surface material, we also adjust our pressure-washing techniques to avoid unnecessary runoff.


The last thing you want for your Austin roof is a fly-by-night operation that delivers half-baked results or causes irreversible damage. You won’t get that from our Austin roof cleaners, who are always ready to roll up their sleeves and deliver a spotless roof from top to bottom. We arrive on time and are fully equipped to finish the job, and we’re licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

Our Soft Wash Roof Process

At Activate Pressure Washing, we take great pride in our systematic approach to moss removal and roof cleaning in Austin, Texas. A typical softwash involves the following process: 


Our team begins every job with a thorough surface assessment. We take note of potential problem areas, hard-to-reach spots, and existing damage. A rigorous inspection allows us to tailor our strategy to your roof’s specific needs, ensuring an efficient process.


Once we have a clear picture of the task at hand, our crew prepares your property to prevent any damage during the cleaning. We cover windows, plants, and other areas so that all your gutters and downspouts are clear and ready to handle the runoff. We also move outdoor furniture that could obstruct our work or sustain damage. 


We begin applying our premium cleaning solution to the surface of your roof. Our team undergoes extensive training to handle this application effectively, ensuring that every inch of the area receives sufficient coverage. The softwash detergent penetrates right into the layers of dirt, grime, and moss, loosening them up and making everything a breeze to remove.


After letting the product do its magic, we safely remove the layers of contaminants with gentle rinsing to ensure the protective layers on top of your roofing materials remain intact. The result is a thorough cleanse and zero damage to your rooftop.

Final Inspection

We’ll always go the extra mile for roof cleaning in Austin, TX, which you’ll see in the final step after the rinse: the all-important walk-through with you, our valued customer. We reassess the roof and ensure we didn’t miss a spot to ensure your complete satisfaction. If you’re happy with what we’ve delivered, our Austin professionals will pack up our gear, tidy up, and let you enjoy your spotless home exterior.

How Often Should You Clean Your Roof in Austin?

Because of Austin’s high humidity, our experts generally recommend scheduling a refresh once or twice a year for the best results. However, you may need to consider more frequent maintenance visits in the following scenarios: 

  • You live in a high-pollution area with smog or dust that could degrade your roof faster 
  • You have overhanging trees that drop leaves, twigs, or other organic debris on your roof 
  • You notice the early signs of algae, moss, or lichen, as well as stains forming 

Has a recent storm done a number on your Austin roof? Maybe you’re hosting a backyard bash and want your property to look its best. Call Activate Pressure Washing for an impromptu roof cleaning! 

What is the Cost To Clean Your Roof in Austin, TX?

The average roof cleaning will usually set you back from $273 to $650 in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding areas. However, the final cost can fluctuate based on the size of your roof, its current condition, and whether you need additional treatments, like algae removal or gutter cleaning.  

Rest assured, our team will provide an honest and straightforward quote after an inspection so that you won’t encounter any nasty surprises on your bill. Transparency and fair pricing are part and parcel of our pressure cleaning brand! 

Real Roof, Real Results

Roof Cleaning FAQs

The issue of roof cleaning can be a nebulous subject for property owners. Climbing a ladder to see what’s going on up there doesn’t happen every day, so here are some frequently asked questions to clear up any confusion:

Property owners should schedule a team to clean the roof once or twice a year. However, if your property is in a dusty area or one with a lot of pollution or trees, bi-annual cleanings are vital.

Are you having issues with mold or algae? Hire professional cleaners twice a year. We don’t have much of a problem with humidity in Austin, but the summer still warrants frequent checks for mold and mildew. Why not speak to our friendly technicians about the optimal cleaning schedule for your home or local business?

There are generally two accepted ways to clean a roof: soft washing and pressure washing. 

However, seasoned professionals stick to soft washing because it’s much gentler on your roofing materials. We can clean the roof quickly by applying pressure, but it’s easy to use too much! A cleaning agent is not only safer for your roof but often more effective than pressure cleaning against mold, algae, moss, or lichen.

The cleaning time frame heavily depends on the state of the roof because the more grime we need to remove, the longer it’ll take. Still, the average job takes between two and five hours. Our team provides a proposed timeline with your estimate.

  • Soft washing uses a cleaning agent to remove dirt. It’s suitable for most roof types and doesn’t do any harm. 
  • Pressure washing uses plain water and pressure. It’s quicker, but on a roof, there’s the likelihood of doing real damage.

Yes, roof cleaning in the right hands is entirely safe. However, you need to know what processes and cleaning solutions to use with which materials. For instance, soft washing techniques might warp wooden shakes, and pressure washing can dent metal or crack tiles. 

No, your plants and pets are safe with a reputable company. For example, Activate Pressure Washing will take steps to cover your plants and advise you to keep your pets indoors before we begin. Our solutions are also non-toxic.

Why not call Activate Pressure Washing if you’re looking for safe, reliable roof cleaning in Austin, Texas? We cover at-risk plants and immovable items and use safety harnesses.

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