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Different types of wood require different types of washing; let Activate Pressure Washing in Central and South Texas clean your fence or deck the right way, with techniques and solvents that ensure damage doesn’t occur when washing, particularly important for older or vulnerable wooden materials. Your neighbors and friends are going to love your renewed decks and fences!

Wood Restoration Austin TX

Why You Need Professional Deck Cleaning

We know your wood deck is a major investment, designed to enhance your home and backyard experience. That’s why we clean your deck like it is our own. Our complete restoration includes disinfecting the organic growth that accumulates and makes the surface slippery. Stripping the current stain with specialized solutions designed to match your wood type. Leveling lifted and aged grain by sanding and fine detailing handrails to be smooth to the touch. Lastly we finish the process off by guiding you through the infinite list of stains to find the one that matches your preference with durability to last. No matter your wood decks current condition, Activate Pressure Washing can restore its beauty and have it looking like new.

Why You Need Professional
Fence Restoration

Sure, the average homeowner can buy a pressure washer and clean their own fence, but do you know what you are doing? Are you aware that you can do damage or interfere with utility provision if you go about it the wrong way? Are you willing to invest the time it takes to clean your fence on your own? It well could take much longer than it would a professional since there are multiple sides and angles to fences as well as nooks and crannies.

If you want to maximize the life of your fence, the restoration process is integral. It is particularly important to wash your fence routinely so that fungus and algae doesn’t eat away at its structure and compromise the integrity of your fencing. Mold and mildew also spell trouble for fences, especially wooden varieties. Regular fence washing reduces this risk.

Texas gets hot, and the extreme sun can damage or discolor your fence, turning it a weathered and washed-out grey color. Restore the natural beauty of your fence with routine restoration services from a qualified power washing professional in the Austin area.

Look for pressure washing professionals that utilize certain ‘soft wash’ techniques and procedures as these methods treat your fence gently and prevent potential damage. Pressure washing without the proper knowledge may cause problems, including damage to your fence, utility lines, and property. Call us today for pressure washing services in Austin TX.

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