Driveway And Concrete Cleaning

Your house is your first layer of defense against the elements and, as such, it is exposed to a lot of pollutants, allergens, and bacteria, including dirt, algae, mold, and mildew, throughout the year in Texas. Your home is an investment; take care of it. Have your home washed and professionally pressure washed routinely, to prevent pollutants from damaging and deteriorating your home.

Activate Pressure Washing is fully insured, uses modern equipment, and implements various pressure washing techniques to do the job right the first time without damaging your home. If you want to save time, money, and preserve your property, give them a call for a free quote in the Central and South Texas area.

Driveway Cleaning Austin TX

Types of Stains and Chemicals We Remove

There are a lot of nasty, stubborn stains that plague driveways. Activate Pressure Washing employs highly skilled technicians that have the experience to remove various types of stingy stains on your driveway, including:


Pressure washing a driveway is hard work; a novice could easily injure themselves or damage the driveway by using the wrong pressure or temperature. In the long run, this will cost you more money than simply calling a professional for the job at the start.


Anyone can buy a pressure washer, but it takes time and effort to be able to use it effectively and efficiently. When you compare this initial investment to Activate Pressure Washing services, it makes hiring the professionals the more affordable option. Keep your driveway clean and it may last longer saving even more.


 Activate Pressure Washing has the equipment and expertise to clean deeper and know what type of cleaning agents to use to remove stains on your driveway fast. They will work with your schedule to ensure the process doesn’t interfere with the use of your driveway, home, or business.

Get a Free Quote to Have Your Driveway Cleaned Today!

Give your driveway a fresh, restored appearance. Activate Pressure Washing will give your driveway a new look, plus offers free estimates and quotes to customers for their driveway cleaning needs. Rely on the go-to experts for pressure washing in Austin, TX; call us today.


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