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The sidewalks outside your business’ door can be a catchall for chewing gum, dirt, and grime. Is the sidewalk negatively impacting the first impression of your patrons? You only get one opportunity to make a first impression on prospective customers or clients, so make sure that it is a clean and well-maintained one. This starts with sidewalk cleaning for the Austin Texas commercial properties.

Sidewalk Cleaning

Why You Need Professional
Sidewalk Cleaning Service

So, why do you need a professional sidewalk cleaning service? If you care about your consumer audience and potential revenues, the answer is simple. Maintaining a clean and cared-for entrance to your establishment begins with the sidewalk; consider the many reasons why cleaning the sidewalks professionally makes sense:

Mold and Mildew

Your sidewalks are not immune to mold and mildew, and the health risk that this leaves behind. If you don’t maintain your sidewalk, it can become green or black with mildew, creating a slippery surface and fall hazard. Reduce this health and safety risk with regular maintenance and cleaning by professionals such as Activate Pressure Washing.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum can be a pain and it takes a lot of elbow grease to get rid of the black stain that it leaves behind. Remove these unsightly spots and deter future gum chewers from disposing of gum on your sidewalk by cleaning them up. It is easy to irreversibly damage your sidewalks when trying to clean stubborn stains; play it safe by hiring a pressure washing professional at Activate Pressure Washing to properly remove these black gum marks with the right cleaning agents and techniques.

Expertise and Equipment

Do you know the right way to remove certain stains from your paved surfaces? If not, don’t risk damage; hire a professional from Activate Pressure Washing. These industry experts use various methods, tactics, and agents to properly clean sidewalks for any situation or business.


Cleaner sidewalks have a reduced risk of nasty slips or falls that could open you up to litigation or lawsuits for injuries. Prevent these public spaces from becoming hazards with routine cleaning and pressure washing.

Furthermore, hiring professional pressure washers saves you valuable time and energy- that is better spent doing other things. Make things easier on yourself and more convenient for your clients by hiring a pressure washing company in Austin to take care of this for you.

Get Your Sidewalk Cleaned Today

Your loyal patrons deserve cleaner sidewalks. Activate Pressure Washing will make your sidewalk look renewed and eliminate any safety concerns that you may have. Call today for free estimates and quotes to cover your distinct sidewalk cleaning needs from the go-to experts for pressure washing in Austin

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