Roof Cleaning in Austin TX

Don’t be fooled by contractors that say you need to “replace” when Activate Pressure Washing can safely restore and extend the life of your roof. Whether your roof is made of Asphalt Shingles, Spanish Tiles, or Metal, we use innovative techniques to disinfect and clean without walking on or blasting with high pressure. Don’t waste money and have your roof thrown into the landfills when we can bring your existing roof back to life for a fraction of the cost in Austin, TX.

Roof Cleaning Austin TX

Benefits of Getting Your Roof Cleaned By Activate Pressure Washing

Low Pressure: The Key to Cleaning Your Roof

It takes an expert to clean your roof properly, which is why you should hire Activate Pressure Washing. We are trained in “soft washing” methods that prevent damage to your roof by avoiding the use of a pressure washer or high-pressure water usage. Our methods ensure you get the results you need without risking damage to your home.

No Expensive Repairs
or Replacements

Cleaning your roof costs only a fraction of the cost of repairs and replacements. In most cases, cleaning your roof will restore its beauty and kill harmful contaminants, which will save you money and hassle. In addition, damage to your roof can spread to your home. That means keeping your roof clean can help prevent expensive home repairs, as well.

Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Getting your roof cleaned will extend its life by eliminating contaminants that cause damage to your roof. This can keep you from having to repair or replace your roof sooner than expected.

Increased Curb Appeal

Cleaning your roof will help increase curb appeal. Not only does it mean your home will look good, but it can increase resale value by letting buyers know that the home is being taken care of.

Problems That Indicate You Need Your Roof Cleaned


Black streaks and stains on your roof come from a type of algae called “gloeocapsa magma.” Typically, this algae appears on the north side of the roof because of sun exposure that causes “hot spots” that absorb sunlight instead of reflecting it. Along with the algae being unsightly and damaging your roof, this can also lead to higher cooling costs for your home.


Mold can be characterized as black, brown, and dark green blotches on your roof. Mold is the result of moisture deposits and can negatively impact the appearance of your roof as well as your health. The longer mold goes unchecked, the worse it will get, which can result in greater damage.


Mildew looks powdery and the color can vary from black to light gray or even pink. Mildew is typically caused by poor drainage on your roof. Like mold, it can negatively impact your health in the home along with damaging your roof. Unfortunately, mildew can spread very quickly through your home.

Lichens and Moss

Lichens and moss are green in color. Lichens appear as green circles while moss is a green, fuzzy texture. Lichens and moss can deteriorate your roof shingles by digging into them. Along with making your home look rundown, lichens and moss can accelerate the need for roof repairs or replacement for your home.

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