Exterior Painting Austin TX

Exterior Painting Made Easy For You

The look of your house can significantly impact your experience of living in it. When your exterior looks bright and clean, you will attract the right kind of attention you want for your property.

Activate Pressure Washing can help refresh and update the look of your home with our exterior painting services. We offer high-quality and affordable services to homeowners in Austin, TX, and surrounding areas. Our painters are fully licensed to get your home’s exterior redone promptly.

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Exterior Painting Austin TX

Free Project Quotes

You can depend on us to prepare a free, customized quote considering the time and materials needed to paint your home. We understand that you don’t want to commit to a project blindly, and this service helps you understand exactly what to expect when you work with us.

Expert Advice on Color and Finish Choices

Our complimentary assistance includes helping you pick out colors and finish choices to enhance your brickwork or siding.

Our painters can pick shades that will work great with other external features. In addition, they assist you in choosing between latex and oil-based paints, with glossy or matte finishes that match your budget and aesthetic expectations.

High-Quality Prep Work

Our high-quality prep work leaves no gaps or safety issues for your family. After inspecting the current conditions of your exterior walls, our experts will suggest the proper methods to paint them. Then, we start surface preparation that includes a thorough pressure washing.

We remove dirt, dust, mold, and mildew clinging on the walls or hidden crevices using a high-pressure washer. We also treat the exteriors with safe cleaners and solutions to control mold growth. We prefer sustainable paints with low VOC and zero odors to prevent allergies and environmental impact. 

A Quick and Effective Process

Exterior painting requires attention to detail. We have a quick procedure that ensures your complete satisfaction.

Our end-to-end exterior painting process includes the following steps:

  • Remove old debris and oil stains to ensure the surface is clean and smooth.
  • Apply a high-quality primer to seal the exposed areas. An excellent primer gives a solid foundation to the finishing coat. Whether you have metal surfaces, bare wood, or rust stains, we clear and prime them all before applying the final coat.
  • We caulk all holes and cracks to ensure seamless surfaces. Loose glazes, cracks, and nail holes in exterior walls can hinder the overall beauty of your home’s façade. Our painters replace loose glazes for a tighter seal and moisture control.
  • Finally, we paint and stain according to your preferences.

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Activate Pressure Washing offers a wide variety of house and building washing services, driveway cleaning, gum removal, deck and patio cleaning, and window cleaning solutions. You can get a package offer for your home exterior painting with extra cost savings. Start planning your home exterior painting project today!

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