Difference Between Soft Washing and Power Washing

Power Washing Austin

When the days grow warm and the sun sets later in the day, the extra time outdoors reveals areas of the yard and home that need to be cleaned up. Austin homeowners quickly realize that some jobs are best left to the professionals – and pressure washing in Austin is one of these tasks.

In the search for reputable pressure washing services, different terms like power washing, pressure washing, and soft washing seem similar, but they are not. Each service accomplishes a specific cleaning or home maintenance task.

Pressure Washing

Many property owners entrust a professional pressure washing service to keep their homes sparkling clean. Pressure washing is a common way to clean the dirt from a home’s exterior. Using a machine that blasts water and cleaner on the brick and siding of the house, pressure washing is an effective way to remove build-up and grime from the outside. This cleaning method removes dirt in a way that a garden hose and soap can’t. By combining the high water pressure with a specialized cleaner, pressure washing penetrates the tiniest crevices and corners.

Power Washing

What happens when pressure washing does not remove all the grime and dirt? That’s when a professional pressure washing service will turn to power washing. This method of exterior cleaning also uses high-pressure water and cleaner, but the water is hot. Their machine contains a heating element that warms the water to a specific temperature ideal for removing dirt.

The heated water combined with the water pressure is better at cleaning stains and dirt that won’t come off with cold water pressure washing. Power washing is excellent for breaking down organic materials and also acts as a sanitizer. This cleaning method is ideal for scrubbing driveways, walkways, retaining walls, and concrete surfaces.

Power washing has another application that saves time and money. Many homeowners rely on power washing to remove old paint from their homes and window frames in preparation for new paint. Power washing effectively blasts the old paint away, saving hours of time and labor scraping the paint by hand.

Soft Washing

Soft washing is another form of pressure washing, but it focuses on more fragile outdoor surfaces. By adjusting the pressure per square inch (PSI), the pressure washing professional lowers the force of the water and uses an eco-friendly cleaning solution to break down grime and build-up.

Taking care of special surfaces is essential in the cleaning process. Soft washing is perfect for cedar shakes, shingled roofs, stucco, screened areas like porches and lanais, windows, and some vinyl siding. This method protects plants and surrounding landscape areas while getting your outdoor spaces spic and span.

Each form of pressure washing is an effective way to keep a home sparkling clean. A professional pressure washing service such as Activate Pressure Washing will break down a job into phases since each cleaning method requires different machines and cleaners. Washing away the dirt and contaminants from the cracks and crevices increases the home’s curb appeal while also improving health by removing pollutants and allergens.

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