How to Remove Algae From Your Roof with DIY Roof Cleaning in Austin, TX

Roof Cleaning in Austin, TX

Are you considering some DIY algae removal or roof cleaning in Austin, TX? The team at Activate Pressure Washing recommends hiring a professional but compiled this guide to assist you in completing the task safely yourself.

Algae on the roof and gutters are more than ugly–they cost you money. Not only do the algae’s roots eat into the surface, but the plant body absorbs sunshine, creating hot spots. Every day you avoid cleaning solutions reduces the roof’s lifespan and increases your energy bill.

Property owners face a double whammy as the roof loses its integrity and their cooling bills increase.

What is Algae, and Why is it On My Austin Roof?

Black streaks on your roof that look like mold may sometimes instead be blue-green algae, an organic growth that, while harmless, is unsightly. Rising humidity in Austin, TX, creates an ideal living environment for this growth, and your roof provides everything the spores need to grow. The exposed roof provides an ideal landing spot for the algae, food, and moisture.

Removing Algae Do Not Use High Pressure

Gentle pressure washing and gutter cleaning are good ways to start roof cleaning in Austin, TX. However, indiscriminate power washing can blast away more than just the algae, resulting in expensive roof repairs. Misapplied, high-pressure cleaning can:

  • A crack or chip tiles
  • Warp metal roofing
  • Remove the waterproofing asphalt layer on the shingles.

The DIY enthusiast is better off using their garden hose, as it can be difficult to adjust the settings on a typical pressure washer.

Use Bleach

A common mistake that property owners make is to think that rinsing the algae off with hot water is sufficient to kill it. You need to use a properly diluted bleach solution for the purpose. This poses a safety risk to pets, plants, and children, so keep them out of the way of the run-off while you’re busy.

Use Proper Safety Equipment

Our team does not recommend cleaning your roof yourself because of the risk of falling. If you decide to go ahead, you will require a sturdy ladder and some way to secure yourself to the roof. Please do not underestimate the dangerous combination of:

  • Height
  • Soap
  • Bleach solution
  • Water

Set Aside at Least a Day

A professional washing service completes the task in a few hours. However, they have a team of workers using industrial equipment and commercial cleaning agents. They also have far more experience than the average property owner.

For the DIY enthusiast, it will take longer to complete the task. It’s doable, but be prepared to give up your Saturday to complete the job correctly.

Call a Professional Instead

Is your free time more important than saving a buck or two? Is it worth risking an E.R. visit or potentially expensive roof repairs? With the affordable rates Activate Pressure Washing charges, it is not.

Call us today at 512-696-5770 or reach out via our website for your free estimate for roof cleaning in Austin, TX.

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