How To Safely Remove Algae From Your Roof

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Having algae on your roof does more than ruin your property’s visual appeal. It could damage your roof and the entire home. Fortunately, prompt algae removal from your roof can help you minimize the damage caused.

Do you need help eliminating unwanted growth? This post will take a closer look at algae growth, sharing how you can safely remove it from your roof.

What Causes Algae and Moss Growth?

Moss and algae become common problems in areas with warm, humid climates. This climate causes your roof to retain moisture for longer, creating the perfect breeding ground for algae. Algae growth also appears more predominantly in the areas of your roof that does not have direct sunlight.

If left untreated, the algae on your roof can significantly damage the shingles. As it grows and spreads, it will prevent your roof from reflecting sunlight. By doing so, algae can raise the temperature of your roof’s surface, severely shortening its lifespan.

Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening with the right cleaning solution and equipment.

Safe Algae Removal From Your Roof

If your roof shingles become extremely damaged, you can resolve your algae problem by replacing them with shingles laced with copper granules. These copper granules prove lethal to algae and can prevent its growth.

However, you can find a less costly algae removal solution.

Using a bleach cleaning solution will neutralize and kill the algae and also remove the black streaking. To do so:

  • Create a 50% mix of bleach and water
  • Wet your foundation plantings with plain water to protect them from the bleach
  • Spray your roof with the cleaning solution
  • Leave the solution to sit for a while
  • Rinse off the bleach solution with clean water
  • Rinse your foundation plantings after

To ensure safety when handling the algae removal from your roof, avoid using pressure washers. The pressure they utilize could damage the shingles, cracking or blasting them off. Also, ensure that you wear safety gear.

Professional Algae Removal

Due to the number of risks DIY algae removal involves, opting for professional services remains the safest way to rid your roof of algae.

Contacting a power washing company will grant you access to its highly trained, experienced technicians. Their services are not only safer but more effective.

Also, algae rarely exist alone.

Therefore, an algae-infested roof will likely have more living organisms. Fortunately, professional algae removal also entails a thorough assessment of your roof. The technicians will check and treat your roof for mold, moss, and lichens, ensuring comprehensive cleaning.

Quality Algae Removal Services in Austin, TX

Have you noticed algae on your roof and property siding? Are you in need of professional home improvement services that guarantee favorable results? Get in touch with Activate Pressure Washing.

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