Preparing Your Home for Power Washing in Austin, TX

pressure washing Austin, TX

As the leader in power washing services in Austin, TX, our technicians at Activate Pressure Washing answer hundreds of questions every month from homeowners curious about the power washing process. They often wonder if commercial pressure washing services are identical to the soft washing services they can get at home. However, the most common question we receive includes how homeowners can prepare their interior and exterior surfaces for pressure washing to ensure that we can finish our work as fast as possible.

Austin residents don’t like waiting around. They want their pressure washing technicians on time and long gone by the time they return from their vacations or out-of-town business trips, leaving their residential or commercial property clean.

Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee assures our clients that our experienced technicians will provide them with a time-efficient maintenance schedule. However, they can do a few things on their end to speed up the cleaning process.

Keep Openings Sealed To Prevent Water Damage

A research paper from FEMA outlines water damage as the leading cause of property damage in America. As professionals who deal with high water pressure and varying temperatures all day long, we can attest that water damage can be catastrophic to the structural integrity of your home and your belongings. The first step in our cleaning process entails ensuring that all your windows, doors, and openings remain closed.

High water pressure can push moisture through tiny cracks on your roof, doors, and walls, so let us know of any vulnerabilities your home has during our consultation. We will use this knowledge to plan our routes more efficiently and spend less time inspecting your home.

Put Away Any Portable or Loose Items

If you have pieces of furniture on your patio or other loose items outside your home, bring them inside before our team arrives to stop them from getting wet or dirty. Pressure cleaning often shakes loose old paint and debris, which could stain your items if you leave them outside. Our technicians can do it for you, but someone would have to be present at the job site, and it would take longer before we can start cleaning your home.

Whenever we pressure wash driveways, we request our customers to park their cars elsewhere, so we can stop them from getting wet and standing in the way of flying debris. If you have any outdoor furniture or other items you want to protect, let us know, and we can cover them up with plastic or textile sheets to keep them safe and dry.

Protecting Your Plants

Providing power washing services in Austin, TX, means dealing with many house plants from customers with green thumbs. Although we use eco-friendly cleaning materials, the high water pressure from our nozzles can still cut through leaves and branches. We request our customers to move potted plants away from our cleaning area to improve cleaning times or cover them with waterproof plastic sheets or other robust materials.

If you’re too busy to cover your plants before cleaning day, we can do that for you.

Let Our Team Help You With Home Prep

While hiring power washing services in Austin, TX, may entail a high initial cost, it is an excellent long-term investment in your property. It will improve your curb appeal while keeping your guests and family members safe. Let the Activate Pressure Washing team help you with home prep by calling 512-696-5770 today and informing us of your maintenance needs.

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