3 Areas Of Your Home’s Exterior That Can Be Cleaned By Soft Washing

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Pressure washing can be incredibly beneficial for your home’s exterior. There are many different washing methods, like soft washing and power washing, that are appropriate for different surfaces of your exterior. Soft washing can make for an effective, environmentally-friendly way to improve your home’s curb appeal and provide a healthy environment. This method utilizes a lower pressure of water and special cleaning solutions to eliminate mold, algae, and the buildup of other contaminants. More importantly, soft washing helps prevent damage to surfaces and is used for several areas of a home’s exterior.


Cleaning your roof is important for improving your home’s appearance and extending the life of your roof. Like any other aspect of your home’s exterior, your roof can easily accumulate bacteria, dirt, stains, and other buildup.

Soft washing your roofs will effectively clean and sanitize them without causing any damage. In addition, bacteria build up on your roof could be causing allergy problems in your home. Removing the algae and debris will help protect the health of the people living inside.

Further, soft washing your roof can help you save energy and money. Dirty roofs attract more sun than clean roofs due to the darker color, meaning power washing can help reduce your bills during the summer months.


Gutters around the exterior of your home can quickly accumulate debris. The buildup of dirt and other contaminants can contribute to flooding. As gutters can be clogged easily and lead to slower drainage, it’s critical to maintain regular gutter cleaning.

Soft washing can help remove the accumulation of debris while preventing any damage to the exterior. This will help ensure gutters will have optimal performance while increasing your curb appeal and improving the appearance of your property.


Utilizing low pressure on the exterior of your home is an effective way of removing any dirt and stains from your siding. The removal of buildup can transform your exterior while ensuring a healthier home.

Opting for soft washing instead of power washing is important for siding because high pressure can result in water seeping through cracks and into the wall, leading to mold. Siding with paint, it can cause paint chips and more profound damage to the surface.

Soft washing will directly tackle the accumulation of debris and stains with lasting results.

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