How to Sanitize the Exterior of Your Home or Commercial Building

Commercial Pressure Washing

Your property exterior weathers the elements 24/7, so it’s not surprising how quickly it accumulates dust, grime, and other contaminants over time. Regular maintenance is a must if you want to keep your outdoor space and other areas of your home clean, safe, and pristine – and there’s no better method than power washing.

Our experts at Activate Pressure Washing are here to share some useful insights on power washing and the best tips beginners can follow.

Why Power Washing?

Power washing is an intensive and meticulous method of cleaning that offers the possibility to achieve high standards of hygiene for homes and businesses.

Using pressurized water combined with quality cleaning solutions, you can combat germs, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms while eliminating the toughest dirt buildup.

Power washing is also:

  • Versatile – Power washing works well on most surfaces like concrete, brick, wood, vinyl, and aluminum.
  • Effective – This cleaning technique lets you clean places that might be otherwise difficult to access, like cracks and crevices.
  • Convenient – When done correctly, it can cover a large surface area in a short span of time.

Top Pressure Washing Tips

While power washing is a very effective cleaning tool, it’s also potentially dangerous. Not only can it damage the surfaces of your property, but it may even cause grievous injuries to you and anyone nearby. This is why many residential and commercial properties in Austin choose to hire our premier pressure washing services instead.

If you still want to try the DIY power washing here are several ways to ensure the success of your cleaning project.

  • Wear safety gear. Wear eye and ear protection while power washing, and make sure you’re standing on stable ground to prevent nasty slips and falls.
  • Use tarps. Cover your plants, furniture, and other vulnerable parts of your outdoor space to prevent damage.
  • Turn it off. Never leave your power washer turned on when unattended.
  • Use appropriate cleaners. The wrong cleaning agents and chemicals can damage not just your surfaces but your pressure washer as well.
  • Choose the right nozzle. Depending on the surface you want to clean, a different nozzle might be necessary. Some provide high-pressure rinses, while others are designed to spread out the cleaning solution.
  • Maintain the proper distance. Spraying too close can damage your surfaces, so it’s always a good practice to maintain a distance of at least four to six feet.

Invest in Professional Power Washing Today

Power washing is an excellent way of sanitizing most surfaces, but it requires a lot of research and preparation to ensure safe and efficient cleaning.

If you prefer to avoid the hassle, you can look to our experts at Activate Pressure Washing. As the leading pressure washing company, we provide cost-effective residential and commercial pressure washing cleaning solutions to help keep your property pristine all year round. Call us at 512-696-5770 and get a free quote today!

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