Can You Power Wash in the Rain?

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Regularly pressure washing your property is one of the best ways to ensure it looks its best while preserving its structural integrity. However, many people wonder if they can receive professional power washing during light to moderate rainstorms. So, can you receive power washing services in the rain?

To find out, Activate Pressure Washing put together everything you need to know about pressure washing a home or business in the rain.

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Can You Pressure Wash a Property in the Rain?

Many Austin residents believe they need to reschedule their pressure washing appointment if it rains on service day. Although it’s best to postpone power washing during heavy thunderstorms, most companies can still power wash a property during light to moderate rainfall. In fact, sometimes a little drizzle helps the pressure washing process.

How Light Rain Aids Pressure Washing

Mild rain helps the pressure washing process in two primary ways:

  • Rain prevents detergents from drying prematurely
  • Rain enhances visibility

Technicians spread detergents and water across flat surfaces to loosen dirt and stains that taint their appearance. However, excess sun and hot temperatures evaporate the detergents incredibly quickly, causing the technicians to reapply the solution numerous times. Rain prevents the detergents from drying and allows pressure washers to clean your property faster and more efficiently.

Rainclouds also prevent troublesome sun glares that limit a technician’s vision. The enhanced visibility increases the technician’s accuracy, decreasing the chances of damage while ensuring an immaculate final product.

However, professional power washers can’t provide service during heavy rain and thunderstorms. It poses a safety hazard and can damage their equipment. Excess rain also prevents technicians from working at their highest efficiency level, adversely affecting the results.

If you schedule power washing in Austin during a rainstorm, contact your company to see if they can still provide service. They will help you reschedule your appointment or tell you if they can provide services in the rain.

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