How to Remove Black Streaks from Your Roof

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Our licensed technicians at Activate Pressure Washing receive many calls from customers who discover black streaks on their roofs and sidings without knowing where they come from. Some experience it year-round, while others see it as a seasonal problem. Below, our experts outline what causes the black streaks to appear on your roof and how to eliminate them before listing your home for sale or hosting a social event.

As the leading provider of high-quality roof cleaning in Austin, we love educating residents and business owners who want to improve their curb appeal by having a clean roof. While gutter cleaning and power washing your driveway and fences can change the look of your home, we believe hiring professional roof cleaning services is still the best way to make it look refreshed and brand-new without repainting.

Where Do the Black Streaks on Your Roof Come From?

The formation of black streaks can have compounding causes, making roof cleaning in Austin challenging for many property owners.

For example, some roofs have rotting support beams and gutters, causing black streaks to appear no matter the season. Some have faded or peeling protective substances, such as zinc coatings and paint, making them vulnerable to staining and discoloration.

However, the number-one cause of black streaks on your roof is the accumulation of algae. The scientific term for algae is Gloeocapsa Magma. It is a cyanobacterium that can photosynthesize nutrients from the sun while feeding on minerals from shingles.

As it digests the stone and clay granules from your roof, it leaves a dark residue that forms streaks as it burns and dries. Algae can accumulate on any roofing material, although it prefers asphalt, stone, and shake roofs. Given enough time, algae will erode your roof by consuming the glue that holds your shingles in place.

How to Remove Black Streaks from Your Roof: Going the DIY Route

We do not recommend DIY cleaning because roofs can be dangerous to work on. Foot traffic can also damage shingles and galvanized steel. However, if you do not want to hire exterior cleaning services, here is how to remove black streaks without professional help.

Clear or cover any plant or animal life surrounding your home. Dilute 15 gallons of household bleach into a 75% cleaning solution and apply it to around 1,000 square feet of shingle, shake, or stone roof.

Never power wash your roof. High water pressure can create depressions, cracks, and undetected leaks.

Get Professional Roof Cleaning in Austin

Sanitation professionals can eliminate black streaks from your roof faster, safer, and more cost-efficiently. At Activate Pressure Washing, we use soft washing techniques and eco-friendly cleaners you can’t find at a hardware store. They enable us to clean your roof without leaving harmful or staining residues behind.

We can remove 100% of the algae from your roof and sidings, eliminating the possible growth of moss, mold, and lichens.

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