Can You Pressure Wash A Roof?

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When it comes to roof cleaning in Austin, TX, can you pressure wash your roof? The Activate Pressure Washing team wishes to answer this with a firm “No.” Read on to learn why pressure washing is the wrong cleaning solution for your shingle roof.

Why Pressure Washing Is a Bad Idea for Roof Washing

There are many reasons not to pressure wash your roof, and the two most important ones are to avoid damaging it and hurting yourself.

Applying too much pressure will crack tiles and strip the waterproofing off shingles. If you are not careful, saving a few bucks by not calling in a professional could mean spending thousands on replacing your roof. It’s simply not worth risking structural damage.

Even if you don’t damage the underlying structure, high pressure does more harm than good. It will rip the asphalt from shingles, damaging your roof’s waterproofing layer.

Secondly, using a pressure washer is tricky on the ground, let alone two stories high. The recoil can easily push you off the ladder, meaning an expensive emergency room visit.

What’s more, soft washing is more effective and entails none of the same risks.

Why Soft Wash a Roof?

Soft washing is the best method of roof cleaning in Austin, TX. It effectively kills and removes organic growth like moss and algae. It also lifts those tell-tale black streaks without damaging the underlying roofing materials.

The technique is relatively simple. We apply an eco-friendly cleaning agent that kills the algae and moss while loosening their bonds to the roofs. The process also lifts dust and grime. We then rinse away the remnants using a light spray of water.

The cleaning agent kills off the algae or moss, ensuring no residue is left alive to grow again. This is one area where pressure washing usually fails. It removes much of the growth but doesn’t necessarily wipe it out.

Applying pressure would speed up the process but could damage your roof. We use a light touch to ensure your roof remains in excellent condition.

Things to Think About Before Your Appointment

Before settling on the best roof cleaning technique, here are some things you should consider:

  • Soft washing is ideal for shingle roofing and will work for slate and tile roofing.
  • Some cleaning agents will discolor copper roofing or guttering.
  • You must hire a professional for the best results.
  • Soft washing removes contaminants but may not shift debris like leaves and sticks. We may use light pressure to remove these if necessary. 
  • It’s essential to protect delicate landscaping around the eaves from debris and water overflow.

Top-Notch Soft Washing Solutions in Austin, TX

Does your roof need professional cleaning? Trust the Activate Pressure Washing team to settle on the right solution every time. Our expert technicians ensure flawless roof cleaning by choosing the best technique for the job.

We’ll help you beat moss, algae, and grime and restore your roof. Contact us at (512) 387-7133 to schedule roof cleaning in Austin, TX.

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