The ROI of Power Washing Your Home

How important is power washing before you sell your home? Is it as worthwhile as your real estate agent claims? In this post, the Activate Pressure Washing team answers this question and analyzes if the return on investment makes a soft wash worthwhile.

Before we discuss this in greater depth, we’ll ask you to consider a couple of questions. When you go to someone’s home, do you feel comfortable if it seems dirty? What about your own home? If you’re like most Americans, you rate cleanliness at home as essential. Now let’s have a look at how hiring a power washing service impacts your home’s value.

The Return on Investment of Hiring a Professional Pressure Washing Service

Power washing is an affordable way to spruce up your property. Washing the dingy coating off the walls reveals the clean surface underneath, making it look new again. For less than buying a cup of coffee a day, you can improve your property value and the chances of selling your home quickly.


Potential buyers make several snap judgments when they visit a property since they are likely working their way through a list. Your chances of selling depend on the perceived value of your home, and damages from power washing could negatively impact that. If they see a clean, well-kept property, they will likely make a better offer.

They will also factor in the following:

  • Features
  • Neatness
  • How well the space suits them
  • If they can move in straight away
  • Adjustments they need to make before they move in
  • Whether they see signs of diligent maintenance
  • If there are signs of issues like mold 

Hollywood glamorized house flippers, but most buyers need a property they can see themselves living in. They want to move in as quickly as possible with minimal effort. Those that are willing to put in work are likely to overestimate how much that effort is worth. Therefore, they’ll offer you a low amount. If they see signs of mold or black algae streaks on the roof, they may not offer anything.

Power washing makes the value of your property more evident. It leaves your windows sparkling, the paving looking new, and reveals a fresh look after removing the dingy patina. Your home appears to be well-kept, making it more valuable. At the very least, there is no dirt to put buyers off.

Get Professional Power Washing Solutions

Do you want to give your property a new lease on life? Contact the Activate Pressure Washing team to rejuvenate every exterior surface with professional power washing. Our professionals use eco-friendly solutions and advanced industry equipment to guarantee a thorough cleaning every time. We’ll ensure your property makes the best impression from the front fence to the back door.

Bring out the best in your property so that it maintains its value, whether you plan on selling now or not. Contact Activate Pressure Washing at (512) 387-7133 and inquire about our affordable services today!

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