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Autumn is the perfect time to tackle any pressure washing projects you’ve delayed this year. Take advantage of the still-warm weather to “winterize” your home with these three pressure washing projects by calling Activate Pressure Washing.

Clear the Gutters and Protect Your Roof

Gutter cleaning by hand can be a tedious and uncomfortable chore, but it is essential to prepare your home for the colder months. Leaves and other debris collect in your gutters throughout the year, slowing the water flow and building up rot.

Water overflowing from your gutters may clog the small spaces under your roof’s shingles to cause more damage. Water also expands as it freezes, so clogged gutters spell disaster during winter rains and snow.

As the wet weather arrives, a freezing runoff distorts the shape and structure of the gutters and loosens the shingles. It is one project you want to complete well before winter begins.

Professional pressure washing can power through those packed downspouts and save you from removing slimy, wet leaves manually. It makes cleaning gutters a far more pleasant and efficient process.

Lengthen the Life of Your Outdoor Spaces

Are you wondering why it’s a good idea to take on services for pressure washing? If you had a microscope for your outdoor spaces, you might understand the urgency. These places collect more dirt, grime, and spores than you can see or easily clean away.

A pressure washer effectively cleans your outdoor furniture, deck, fencing, and other surfaces. It results in sparkling surfaces that sweeping, mopping and scrubbing cannot match.

Spores left behind by traditional cleaning methods can eat away at fabrics and surfaces throughout the winter. Rather, pressure wash your outdoor spaces this autumn and stop the rot.

A pressure washing project refreshes the look of your outdoor living space and removes small seeds and spores in hidden crevices. It prevents long-term damage and prolongs fixtures like gutters, roofs, and paving. It is also quick and easy to reopen these clean outdoor spaces when spring arrives.

Leave Your Home Looking Grand

Winter holidays are heavy on decorations that draw all eyes to your home’s exterior. Particles settle on your bricks or siding throughout the year and look dirty and neglected. Pressure washing your home during the autumn removes a year’s worth of dirt and grime from your home’s exterior and leaves it looking its best.

Mold and mildew spores also won’t have a chance to settle in with the dirt, pollen, and general debris. These invaders do more than stain your home’s exterior—they embed into the materials, slowly eroding and weakening these features over time.

Pressure washing pulses this trouble away and prolongs your home’s exterior. It also makes it look fresh and clean well before your holiday guests arrive.

The Best Power Washers in Austin, TX

Do you want the benefits of pressure washing this fall, but you don’t have a power washer (or the willpower)? Save yourself time and the potential for injuries by calling Activate Pressure Washing.

Blast away the dirt and grime and leave your home sparkling. Call 512-696-5770 to chat with our power washing experts.

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