Ways Power Washing Can Help Your Home for the Winter

Power Washing Austin

As you “winterize” your home, it is easy to overlook the exterior surfaces. After the leaves clear and you shelter the plants, you may want to take advantage of Austin’s lingering heat to do a bit of last-minute exterior power cleaning.

Here are five surprising ways to prepare your home for winter with pressure washing.

Use Preventative Maintenance

The mold, grime, and other debris that accumulates on your siding, brick, or stone can do more than create unsightly stains. The organic material camouflages small defects you would otherwise notice and repair quickly, and the damage worsens with each new day.

A quick pressure wash this fall will bring these blemishes to your attention before they deteriorate into larger problems that are difficult and costly to repair.

Protect Your Driveway

The water from winter rains and snow can be detrimental as temperatures fall below freezing. It seeps into tiny openings in your driveway or foundation, and it expands as it freezes. The ice pries open these spaces and exacerbate the damage as the temperature drops further.

The automotive fluids and other pollutants that collect on your driveway make water expand even more as it freezes, making natural erosion even worse. Power washing your driveway is the best way to remove these chemicals and stains, cleaning and protecting your driveway.

Clear the Gutters

Do you have trouble finding time to clean your gutters each fall? Pressure wash your gutters instead. It saves time, clears the gutters and downspouts more thoroughly than cleaning by hand, and saves you hours on a ladder scooping out slimy leaves.

As a bonus, pressure washing the gutters removes dirt, spores, and insect eggs that manual gutter cleaning may miss. It’s an excellent way to protect the structural integrity of your gutters and roof while lowering your exposure to mold and infestation.

Get a Jump on Holiday Cleaning

Instead of waiting until the festive season to scrub your entryways and freeze, try power washing and get a jump on your holiday cleaning this autumn. It will make your home the perfect backdrop for those crazy decorations you’ve planned while alleviating the stress of overwhelming holiday preparations.

If you need professional advice and equipment, call Activate Pressure Washing. Our pressure washer cleans faster and more thoroughly than scrubbing by hand. It also effectively removes spores and damaging sticky residues, so the renewed aesthetic appeal is only a part of the package.

Prolong the Life of Outdoor Spaces

Mold spores, pollutants, and small seeds collect on outdoor surfaces and slowly erode these areas. Lighter cleaning methods can leave some of these materials behind, but pressure washing your home is far more effective. It cleans the exterior, porches, decks, sidewalks, fences, and outdoor furniture and other projects before these pollutants can cause further damage.

Get Professional Pressure Washing Services in the Winter

Saving time on winter preparations is always welcome as you go over your home and garden. Let our professional pressure washing team at Activate Pressure Washing save you precious hours so that you can focus your efforts elsewhere.

Call our team today at 512-696-5770 for affordable pressure washing.

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