How Often Should You Clean Your Roof?

Roof Cleaning Austin TX

Your home is a major investment, and your roof is a big part of that. Roofs withstand harsh weather conditions including rain, snow, and sunrays beating down throughout the year. The roof protects your home from water damage and helps regulate the indoor temperature.

We owe our comfortable home safety and temperature to the integrity of our roofs. Roof cleaning in Austin, TX, will prevent roof damage and keep your roof in good working order. Activate Pressure Washing offers gentle, thorough services to maintain a clean roof.

You should clean your roof at least once per year. While it’s possible to sweep off loose debris yourself, professional pressure washing service is more thorough. Regular roof cleaning prevents expensive repair bills that pop up due to neglect.

When Your Roof Needs Maintenance

When you look at your roof and see any type of discoloration or piles of debris, your roof needs some attention. Don’t wait until you discover a water spot on your ceiling to think about the condition of your roof.

The kind of maintenance service your roof needs depends on a few things.

Surrounding Foliage

Roof cleaning in Austin, TX, starts by looking at nearby trees.

Branches and leaves on nearby trees can take flight and land on your roof. As they stay there and form bigger piles, they begin to decay and they can wear away the roofing material. If this overabundance of tree matter clogs your gutter system, rainwater can sit on your roof and cause even more damage.

Roof Shape

Steeply angled roofs let water, snow, and debris slide down and away from the house. Because debris has less opportunity to build up, angled roofs can go longer between professional cleanings.

Commercial buildings and some homes have flat roofs. There is no way for excess water or debris to work their way off the roof. For flat roofs, regular maintenance is imperative to avoid serious damage.

Type of Roof

There are several types of material used in roof construction. Knowing the material on your roof helps determine when to schedule professional cleaning. Roofs with tile shingles are not great at hiding dirt buildup, so more frequent cleaning is the way to keep it clean.

Many types of shingles are strong enough to handle weather patterns, but not strong enough to remain unharmed by power washing. The water stream breaks off shingles and creates gaps where water could come in.

Why Professional Service is Best

If you are uncertain what type of materials are on your roof, a professional can help. Don’t guess what type of cleaning is best and end up with roof damage. Professional roof cleaners know techniques to thoroughly clean any type of roof without causing extra damage.

Roof maintenance boosts the curb appeal of your property. It also increases property value. Annual service from pressure washers extends the life of your investment.

Activate Pressure Washing offers comprehensive roof cleaning in Austin, TX. Call our experts at 512-696-5770 to get a free quote.

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