What Are Those Black Streaks on My Roof?

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Does your roof look as though black sludge once trickled down the shingles before leaving behind a dark residue? If so, your roof needs professional roof cleaning in Austin, TX. The black streaks on your roof are a combination of organic debris and organisms making themselves at home on your rooftop.

Explore the reasons behind those unsightly streaks with Activate Pressure Washing below.

#1 Black Mold

Roof shingles overlap, leaving a little sheltered space in between each shingle. These sheltered spaces retain moisture. Organic matter can also get caught between these spaces during storms or high winds.

This creates a perfect environment for mold. Black mold breaks down and uses the decay to feed itself. It then spreads spores, which continue growing in other areas of your roof. Black mold can cause respiratory issues if it makes its way into your home.

#2 Mildew

Like black mold, mildew is a type of fungus that thrives in dark, moist spaces. Both fungi share similar survival methods by breaking down and consuming decaying organic matter and spreading via dusty spores. While black mold is characterized by dark, speckled growths, mildew is powdery and feels damp to the touch.

#3 Algae

More often than not, the black streaks on the roof are caused by algal bloom. It appears dark from a distance. Up close, it usually has a bluish-green color.

Algae are particularly pervasive on asphalt shingles, which contain limestone. Limestone is a nutritional treat for algae. As the algae feasts, it gradually breaks down each shingle’s integrity. Eventually, your shingles will loosen, develop holes, and start falling off the roof.

#4 Dirt

Another reason behind the black streaks on your roof is regular, old-fashioned dirt. Over time, a clean roof gathers dust, soil, leaves, and twigs. This organic matter breaks down from exposure to the sun, rain, and temperature fluctuations.

While dirt and debris don’t cause problems on their own, it does feed the above-mentioned organisms. Plus, clean roofs just look better and can boost property value in general. One way to prevent debris buildup involves regular gutter cleaning to prevent rooftop ecosystems from forming.

Roof Cleaning in Austin, TX Solves The Problem

Professional pressure washing in Austin, TX often involves cleaning solutions that can make your roof uninhabitable for fungal growth and algal bloom, organisms to which Texan homes can be especially vulnerable due to the warm weather and humidity.

Annual cleaning efforts with an expert pressure washer will keep it at bay. The cleaning solutions and pressure are gentle enough to protect your roofing material while eradicating the colonies of organisms sharing your home.

Let Activate Pressure Washing Eliminate Those Streaks

Are the black streaks on your roof decreasing your home’s curb appeal? They could also be harbingers of roof damage! Call us at 512-387-6582 for a free estimate on roof cleaning in Austin, TX from Activate Pressure Washing. We’ll inspect the streaks, find the cause for their existence, then eradicate their habitat for a longer-lasting roof.

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