How to Clean A Roof Like A Pro

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When it comes to cleaning the exterior of their homes, many homeowners don’t think of their roofs as needing a cleanup. However, if you peek at the top of your house, you may see loose leaves, sticks, and other debris, along with dark streaks. Roof cleaning requires the proper methods to ensure a thorough and effective clean that lasts longer than a season.

Researching how professional roof cleaning companies handle the job quickly shows you that DIY can’t perform the same as expert roof cleaners. Learn how professional roof cleaning companies can provide you with a roof you’ll be proud of for years to come.

1. Preparing to Clean Your Roof

Professional roof cleaners utilize on-site water sources like water hose fixtures on your home, attaching their equipment and ensuring it can reach your roof safely. After climbing on your roof, the cleaner inspects it for any potential damage. Damaged roofing shingles need repair or replacement before cleaning, and your cleaner will let you know if that’s the case.

2. Removing Organic Growths

Once the cleaner knows that your roof can safely withstand a cleaning, they use industry-standard cleaning methods to remove algae, moss, or mold build-up. These organic growths cause black or dark streaks on your roof but can also damage your shingles by trapping bacteria and water beneath them. The chemicals used to remove them also prevents regrowth, keeping your roof cleaner for longer.

3. Power Washing Your Roof

Many homeowners expect a roof cleaning company to use a pressure washer. However, experts know that if you power wash a roof, you can damage the shingles and cause potential damage to the frame underneath. Professionals use a power washer to clean their roof instead of a pressure washer.

Pressure washers use cold water to clean, while power washers heat the water before it comes in contact with a surface. The heated water reacts better with the materials used to cover your roof and also provides a deeper clean. Expert roof cleaners can control the water pressure to ensure the safest possible roof cleaning.

4. Client Follow Up

Once your roof cleaner has completed the job, they’ll remove all of their equipment and walk you around your home, showing you the results. They’ll explain the different roof cleaning methods used and answer any questions you may have about your roof cleaning. In addition, they’ll warn you of any potential damage your roof has and make recommendations based on the extent of the damage.

Professional Roof Cleaning Services with Activate Pressure Washing

If your roof has built-up debris like leaves or sticks, or if you notice black streaks running down your shingles, you need to schedule a professional roof cleaning. Activate Pressure Washing provides experienced roof cleaners who can safely and effectively clean your shingles. Schedule your free consultation today by calling Activate Pressure Washing at 512-696-5770.

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