What is the Price to Pressure Wash a Home?

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When you’re looking to clean the exterior of your home in Austin, TX, you have various options. If your home is mildly dirty with a few stains, you might be able to scrub the exterior by hand using soap and water. However, if it’s been a while since your last deep clean and your home has accumulated significant amounts of dirt and grime, a more powerful solution like pressure washing may be necessary.

Pressure and power washing are two such solutions. Both use high-pressure equipment to spray away unsightly dirt and grime from your exterior. If you’re considering these options, you’ll likely want to know the cost before making your final decision.

To help simplify your choice, we’ll discuss the difference between pressure and power washing and the costs of a company’s services.

Pressure Washing vs. Power Washing

Pressure washing and power washing are similar, but one main difference sets them apart. Pressure washing utilizes unheated water and high pressure to spay clean your home exterior, effectively washing away dust, dirt, and grime that have built up. On the other hand, power washing uses heated water to achieve the same goal.

While that difference may seem minuscule, the two services excel in different situations. The heating element of power washing allows it to remove grease and salt from surfaces. Pressure washing efficiently cleans off the general build-up of dirt, mold, mud, dust, and other stains.

Since it’s unlikely that your goal for exterior home cleaning is to remove grease, pressure washing may be your best option. Power washing is typically more expensive, and the heat could adversely affect your exterior materials. In order to make an informed decision when choosing a power washing company, it’s best to ask questions first.

Factors that Affect the Price of Pressure Washing

Several factors alter the price of pressure washing services, including:

  • Size of your home
  • Cleaning other surfaces, such as a driveway or deck
  • Exterior material
  • Per hour or square foot
  • Where you live
  • Types of cleaners you require
  • Safety precautions

Average Prices for Pressure Washing Homes

While we don’t know these factors, we can give you the average prices for pressure washing homes to give you a better idea. The typical range for pressure washing services is anywhere from $100 to $650, with a national average of around $296.

If you pay by the hour for pressure washing services, you’ll average $130-$160 per hour. Companies typically take around 2.3 hours to complete an exterior pressure washing project. Companies charge an average of $0.40 per square foot, but many have base prices for homes of different sizes.

Get a Free Quote Today

When considering hiring a company for pressure or power washing, the cost is often a main factor. While we’ve provided the national averages for home exterior pressure washing prices, it’s challenging to give an accurate estimate without knowing the many aspects of the project.

For a more precise price projection, let the experts at Activate Pressure Washing provide you with a free quote. We’ll inspect your home and give you an honest estimate for our services. Call Activate Pressure Washing today at 512-696-5770.

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