Questions to Ask Power Washing Companies

Pressure Washing

You want to ensure you get your money’s worth when you purchase any service. With numerous companies to choose from, power washing is no different. Knowing which one to trust is challenging if you’ve never hired a power washing company.

The ideal power washing services are efficient and cost-effective, quickly getting the job done and leaving behind a high-quality shine. When looking for professional power washing, it’s best to ask questions before choosing a company. How do you know what questions are the right ones to ask?

As a trusted power washer, Activate Pressure Washing knows what makes a reliable company. To help you find quality pressure washing services, we’ve compiled a list of questions that clients have asked us and that we would ask another company.

Are You an Insured Company?

Perhaps the first question you should ask a prospective power washer is whether or not they’re an insured company. While power washing, isn’t necessarily dangerous, accidents can happen.

The company you hire must have insurance for their services and workers’ compensation for their staff. That way, you take no responsibility for damages to your property or injuries to the employees.

Do You Employ Certified Technicians?

Accidents are less likely to occur when a company employs trained and certified technicians. The staff that arrives at your property to provide pressure washing services should have Power Washers of North America (PWNA) certification, showing they’ve been through training and know the best and safest way to clean your surfaces.

What Is Your Pressure Washing Process?

When speaking to a prospective power washing company, they should be able to demonstrate their understanding of different techniques and methods for effective cleaning. By asking them to walk you through their pressure washing process, you’ll better understand their industry knowledge. If a company doesn’t know simple power washing approaches, like using high pressure on concrete but soft wash for a roof, they likely are a poor option.

Do You Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee?

Guarantees demonstrate confidence. When a power washing company offers a customer satisfaction guarantee, it shows that they believe in the quality of their services and think you’ll be pleased with the results. If you aren’t happy with the outcome of the company’s services, the guarantee can get you your money back.

Do You Have Examples of Your Completed Work?

Once you’ve learned more about the prospective company, it’s time to ask about their completed work. Photos of past jobs, references, and reviews from previous clients help show that the power washing company isn’t all talk.

Activate Pressure Washing Checks All the Boxes

If you ask these same questions to the experts at Activate Pressure Washing, you’ll find out why so many clients trust us for power washing in Austin, TX. We have the equipment, experience, and industry knowledge to tackle any job and complete it with professionalism and care.

When you need your property power washed, turn to Activate Pressure Washing. Call us today at 512-696-5770 to get a free quote.


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