Signs Your Home Needs Pressure Washing Services

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Regular pressure washing improves your home’s appearance and functionality. Harsh weather conditions, dangerous UV radiation, and gusty winds deteriorate homes over time. Contact pressure washing experts for help beautifying your home at an affordable price.

Some homeowners believe pressure washing services are too expensive; however, the price of power washing services continues to decrease. Advanced techniques allow pressure washing companies to clean homes thoroughly in less than a day, causing minimal disruption. Contact your local pressure washing professionals to prepare your home for cold days in Austin, TX.

Continue reading to learn the signs of a home needing pressure washing services:

3 Signs Your Home Needs Pressure Washing Services

High roofs and hard-to-reach windows prove incredibly difficult to clean. For tough stains like rust and black mold, soap, and warm water won’t do the job. Professional pressure washing services quickly eradicate mildew, mold, and even graffiti.

Consider the following signs of homes needing pressure washing services:

  1. Discoloration

Moisture damage wreaks havoc on a home’s siding, foundations, and roofs. Green streaks on roofs, yellowing concrete surfaces, and black mold growth decrease your property’s curb appeal and risk damaging your home. If you notice areas of your home becoming discolored, contact pressure washing services immediately.

Ignoring discolored surfaces of your home may lead to dirt and grime accumulation, concrete etching, and permanent moisture damage. Professional pressure washing services inspect homes for bacteria growth, moss, and many other discoloring factors. Keep your home beautiful all year by regularly checking your home for discoloration.

  1. High Energy Bills

A house cleaned every month repels moisture, creating an unsuitable environment for mold. It also keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Dirt and grime buildup negatively affects the insulation of homes, forcing HVAC systems to work twice as hard. Maintain a comfortable temperature in your home by cleaning away stubborn stains with the help of pressure-washing experts.

  1. Damaged Gutters

Gutters direct water away from the siding, roof, and foundation of homes. Damaged gutters accumulate harmful bacteria and provide the perfect habitat for invasive pests and insects.

Common signs of damaged gutters include:

  • Basement flooding
  • Rooftop moss growth
  • Gutters hanging or sagging off the roof
  • Soil erosion

Professional pressure washing services utilize soft washing techniques to clear away debris without damaging gutters. Special wide-spray nozzles and low-pressure cleaning techniques protect your home’s fragile surfaces.

The next time you need house cleaning services, trust the trained pressure washing experts at Activate Pressure Washing.

Rely on Activate Pressure Washing for All Your Pressure Washing Needs

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